We HIGHLIGHT THE ISSUES facing young sportsmen/women in their drive to become WORLD CLASS.

We aim to be the LEADING VOICE in the growth of Combat Sports and Esports on the AFRICAN CONTINENT.


With us, it’s always #Raw&Uncut!


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From our Sports Shows on Community Radio, to our twice-weekly TV Shows focusing on the Fite Sports and eGaming Communities.

We showcase the young Sportsmen/Women, the Coaches, the Gamers and the Brands within the #PunchyKicky and Esports Communities.


From innovative conceptualisation, event management and event hosting, we offer young sportsmen/women the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents.

Its only an experience once you feel it!


The work of an Opinionista is very easy!
We risk very little, yet offer judgement over the work and skill of others.

Highlighting the issues is controversial and often deemed negative, but it’s the only way to make the world uncomfortable.


Developing STEAM-based skills through our Esports Ecademy with the aim of developing career pathways for both students and educators.

Growing Esports in Schools and Community groups across South Africa.


Esports and Game Development


In this podcast we focus on Esports and in particular – Game Development. My guest is Dylan Ramsden who currently works for Estonian based company Gamecan. We start by getting a better handle on the “umbrella concept” that is being a Game Developer.


Part 2 of our discussion with Team Smith, focuses on Keaton Gomes. We continue with our discussion on the trainer relationship, particularly when things go wrong in a fight.


The first part of our discussion with Team Smith focuses on Kevin Lerena and the relationship he has with trainer, Peter Smith. Among the many issues discussed, is the role he plays in times of personal crisis.


Another fascinating unpack of the “man-dance” world with both old and new professional MMA fighters. I am also taken on a trip down memory lane with my special guest, who gives his thoughts on EFC 113.
Causing Trouble with the Trouble Maker


A conversation with Faeez Jacobs, who is probably the most marketable athlete on the EFC roster right now and who gave me permission to set-up a date with his fiancé!
The Ever-Evolving Tumelo Manyamala


My first discussion with the young man that is taking his MMA performances to new levels. We find out a shocking truth about his amateur career and why he needs to change his name from “Bones of Steel” to “Mind of Steel”!
Shorty Torres is all Good Vibes

Brave CFMMAPunchyKicky

A very insightful discussion with the former Brave Bantamweight Champ – Jose Torres. We speak about his upcoming trilogy of fights with Nkosi Ndebele, his camp along with a fascinating discovery about his coaches from ALL his previous fights.
Nicholas Hwende does not hold back!

Brave CFMMAPunchyKicky

A very interesting chat with the very confident Nicholas Hwende ahead of his co-main event bout scheduled for Brave 82 in Mauritius next weekend. He drops some serious “bombs” in this one!!!! IMAGE: Courtesy Brave CF
New Street Fighter Champ to Represent SA


My recent interview with “Mark The Shark” following his win at the Red Bull Kumite held at ComicCon Cape Town over this past weekend.

EFCMMAPunchyKickyTV Show

Our “fighter-filled” show unpacks the reason why Igeu Kabesa looks to become only the 4th EFC double champ at EFC 112. We chat to a rising young star and we get the low-down on where a former heavyweight title contender has been and what his future plans look like. Plus, a special guest gives us […]

EFCMMAPunchyKickyTV Show

The second part of our incredible show at EFC 111. Here we focus on those who were there from the very beginning – the SA MMA Pioneers.

EFCMMAPunchyKickyTV Show

An incredible 2-part show on this year’s opening event of Africa’s premier MMA promotion – The EFC. We get a sense of what EFC has in store for us in 2024, we talk wrestling with the SA National Wrestling coach. We ask the tough questions about DDP and the the future of MMA on the […]

Legal OpinionMMA

The second part of my fascinating discussion with Dr Gerald Ramsden (Doctor of Laws), this time about the legality and regulation of Professional MMA in South Africa.

BoxingLegal Liability

A fascinating discussion with Dr Gerald Ramsden (Doctor of Laws) about the various legal liabilities in professional boxing in the event of serious injury or death. This is the first in a two-part series around the legal status of Combat Sports in SA.

ChampionSlap Fight

A fascinating discussion with professional athlete, Danie ‘Pitbull’ Van Heerden. The big man has virtually seen and done it all in the “combat sports” world and now he takes on a new challenge – The Road the The Power Slap Title!
Brian ‘Thee Beast’ Diang’a


My catchup with one of the legendary flag bearers of Kenyan Esports – Brian Diang’a. The troubles continue in African Esports but there is light at the end of the tunnel………so watch this space!


We continue the conversations as we build-up to rAge 2023. We find out more about COSPLAY and what goes into competing in cosplay competitions. We also get into the new innovative attractions, particularly the upcoming 100m2 VR Arena.
UFC Class Certification


Its been more than 10yrs in the making and a little over 3yrs since I last spoke with Rob Maysey from MMAFA. The trial date set for April 2024 has some potential HUGE financial consequences for the UFC!


We get the conversation started as we build-up to rAge 2023 in part 1 of our 2-part interview series. We find out what fans of Geek Culture can expect at this year’s event and we get into the the details of the 4 x Fighting Games Tournaments that will be on offer over the 3 […]

Bare Knuckle Fighting

We sat down with the the guys from BKFC when they visited South Africa during the BKFC Tryouts in Johannesburg. The take-away is simple – BKFC will become only the second international fight promotion to hold an event in South Africa come February 2024!


Yet another collection of great discussions with matchmakers, fighters and celebrities at EFC 109. Also an emotional farewell to EFC legend, Dino Bagattin, in his final MMA bout.
Esports Kenya Federation


Our discussion with Ronny Lusigi, recently elected President of the Esports Kenya Federation (ESKF).


EFC 108 Discussions with EFC Management, fighters and the Voice of EFC. Also we find out why SportsLocker have taken up EFC to be broadcast across Brasil.
GAMMA South Africa


A candid discussion with the GAMMA South Africa President, JD Du Plessis. We chat about how he hopes to do things very differently for the development of the sport of MMA.

Content CreationGaming

Tech and Food discussions were just some of the highlights at this year’s Comic Con Africa.  


More interesting discussions with combat sports athletes and fans at EFC 107.


Another fantastic batch of insightful interviews with athletes, administrators and sponsors at EFC 104.
Game Development


An eye-opening discussion with Kiro’o Games Founder and CEO, Olivier Madiba. The journey he and his team have undertaken to build the AurionVerse is mind-blowing especially considering some western views on African game devs….

BoxingTV Show

Our discussion with the stakeholders of the newly launched Gorilla FC, including co-owner and former UFC fighter,  Darren Till.

Combat SportsEFCMMA

Our conversations with some of the top names in #punchykicky that were in attendance at EFC 103.

MMAPunchyKickyTV Show

Part 2 of our many conversations with some of the top names in #punchykicky that were in attendance at EFC 102 – EFC matchmaker, Graeme Cartmell; former SA Heavyweight Boxing Champ, Chris Thompson; current EFC Champ, Nicholas Hwende; Sylvester Chipfumbu; Boyde Allen and current EFC Top 10 fighter, Dricus du Plessis.

MMAPunchyKickyTV Show

Part 1 of our many conversations with some of the top names in #punchykicky that were in attendance at EFC 102 – starting with EFC commentator Simon Stephens, former EFC Champ and current ARES Champ, Demarte Pena, returning fighter Roedie Roets and Peace Nguphane.
Esports Development


My recent discussion with Esports mentor and founder of the Esports Investment Network – Adam Mzelea Salim. Education at all levels for all stakeholders is the key for ongoing, sustainable esports development on the African continent.

Bare Knuckle FightingprofessionalPunchyKicky

Our discussion with Tommy Strydom, the only only farmer currently signed with BKFC in the US. We chat about his time on the Last Fighter Standing events, his transition into “real MMA” and how it came to be that he now fights without gloves.

Content CreationGamingInternational Experience

We chat to some of SA’s top “Pro” gamers to find out more about how they started and what keeps them going in a space where they really are not true professionals.


A gaming discussion with a passionate gamer who is looking to transform the gaming environment here in SA. We find out more from funnyman-gamer, TolAssMo, as we track him down on a building rooftop.

Combat SportsSportsTech

We talk to both FightGeek founders, Jonathan Teo (CEO) & Jeremy Wong (COO), about the data technology solutions they provide to full-contact combat sports organisations.


We caught up with ABU Flyweight champ, Simangele ‘SMASH’ Hadebe, following her first defense of the belt to find out more about her journey – how it all started and the challenges she has faced along the way. We also chatted to one of her sponsors, Drivetrain, to find out more about their interest in […]


We chat to up-&-coming star Shannon van Tonder about his last minute inclusion in EFC 97 and we talk to EFC President Cairo Howarth about the future of the EFC as they build-up to their landmark event in December – EFC 100.


Following on a superb performance by SA’s Judoka at the recent CWG in Birmingham, we spoke to JUDO SA High performance Director, Patrick Trezise, about the challenges the sport faces and leveraging off the momentum created ahead of the upcoming World Champs.
The Good Fight 2


Refereed by current & former Boxing Champions, the Good Fight WCB 2 event – hosted by Smiths Gym – was another great showcase of local amateur Boxing.

CoachingCombat SportsPunchyKicky

Ahead of the team performing at EFC96, we sat down to speak with Coach Morne Swanepoel about what it is really like to wear both hats – that of a coach and that of a Dad!

BoxingChampionInternational Experience

Following on his recent victory to claim both the SA and ABU Heavyweight titles, we caught up with Chris Thompson to discuss his boxing journey so far as well the exciting news that he will be fighting for a WBC International title when he next laces up the gloves.
Ellen Simwaka


Our recent discussion with IBF Africa Bantamweight Champion – Ellen Simwaka – following her title victory at ESPN Boxing 17 in May this year. We speak about that title fight as well as the trials and tribulations that many fighters face in aiming for fame & glory.
Max Baggio


We chat to Max Baggio (Chairman of WBC Amateur MuayThai) to find out more about the plans the WBC has for MuayThai around the world.  
Gerald Ng

Combat SportsLethweiPunchyKicky

Our very first discussion about Lethwei or the “Art of 9 Limbs” and my guest to talk me through it all is Gerald Ng – a serial sports entrepreneur.

Combat SportsCommentatorRing Announcer

Our discussion with “The Voice & Face of African Combat Sports” – Khotso Rammopo. We find out how a classically trained actor journeyed to where he is today and we also find out little more about his passion for kids and being a Mr SA hopeful…  


Our recent chat with perennial EFC Heavyweight contender – Ricky Misholas – about his journey in the sport of MMA, medical issues, his comeback and a whole bunch more.


We chat to recently crowned National kickboxing champion – Tebogo Molefe – about his journey towards reaching this milestone and find out more about just some of the challenges faced by many young fighters.


We chat to Tyrone Green about the High School Esports League – how it came about, what it offers and what their future plans are.

BoxingGym OwnerTrainer

Our recent conversation with acclaimed Boxing trainer, Damien Durandt, where we find out more about him, his boxing philosophy, his Dad’s legacy and so much more…


After more than 2yrs away from face-2-face competition we attended the Taekwon-do Revival Tournament and spoke to ITFSA President, Jaren Philips as well as 4x World Champion Sonya Rebelo.
Nick Hudson


Our recent conversation with Nick Hudson on the PANDA Organisation, the ongoing perversion of data and his Twitter ban….along with so much more!


Following on a very eventful night at EFC 93, we caught up with Referee Wiekus Swart, to firstly find out about how he is doing after being dropped in that headline event and also to get more clarity on the 12/6 elbow rule.
1Zone MMA


Ahead of their 3rd event in 3 weeks, we talk to 1Zone MMA President, Weverson Gomes, about their launch as the first professional MMA promotion in Uganda and East Africa. We find out what their plans are and what fans can expect to see in the near future.
Off The Pitch 2


Great chat with the team about the upcoming April #PunchyKicky.

AmateurBoxingTV Show

Refereed by current & former World Boxing Champions, the Good Fight WCB event – hosted by Smiths Gym – was a spectacle of local amateur Boxing. We were proud to be part of this event and the great initiative that is The Good Fight.


It has been almost 2yrs since we last had a chat to Jabhi Mabuza – great catch-up chat with “Mr SFV” ahead of his participation at GamrX
Joshua Pretorius


Our discussion with the baddest Ginger-Man on the Continent – the new SA and ABU Heavyweight Boxing Champion – Joshua Pretorius We talk about the fight, his immediate title defense and if, at all, he will be creating a “Pink Beast” TikTok account….
Off The Pitch

BoxingCombat SportsMMAMuaythai

It has been years since we last worked together as a team talking about our sporting passions, but now we have been reunited. A great #PunchyKicky discussion in the 2nd segment of the show with Mallo Ramoshaba and the team from Off The Pitch. We chat about celebrity fights, the Kevin Lerena KO, the new […]
Ceileigh Niedermayr


Great discussion with martial artist Ceileigh Niedermayr. We chat about her many accomplishments and what the future holds once she has recovered from her shoulder surgery. It is not often that one sees such delight in the face of a Fighter when they talk about #PunchyKicky!


We chat to Demarte Pena about his return to competitive fighting after 6yrs away from the bright lights.  He makes his much awaited return at ARES 5  for the vacant Bantamweight strap in mid-April. We also spend some time talking to his stand-up coach – Kru Len Swart – about the growing popularity of MuayThai.
Fight Scout

Combat SportsSportsTech

We talk to Lubomir Guedjev about Fight Scout – the first APP that allows you to connect to and explore the entire Combat Sports Community – for fighters, promotions, managers and event scouts.
Tokenism and Safety

Combat SportsSafety

There are so many instances where Administrators ask for help and then blatantly ignore it! When will we start to listen to those who paved the way for others? Following on her latest and final resignation from all MMASA structures, we spoke to Dr Danella Eliasov about the reasons why she has to finally walk […]

BoxingCombat SportsDevelopmentEntertainment

This last weekend saw the return of GFC 90 to a new venue – The Carousel Hotel & Casino We spent some time talking about The Carousel revival project as initiated by brothers Mario and George Morfu.

BoxingGym Ownerprofessional

An in-depth discussion into the Boxing journey of Trainer & Manager – Sean Smith. We discuss everything from the early years, some of the current challenges as well what the future looks like.
IWBF Lessons

BasketballInternational Experience

Another fascinating conversation with IWBF Africa Zone President – Charles Saunders – about the lessons learned from the recent World Qualifiers held in Ethiopia.
Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela

If you have dreams of starting a business – watch this! If you want to be inspired – meet Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela! If you just want hear her laugh – you do not want to miss this! A remarkable story of a home-grown brewmaster who has defined a pandemic and is showcasing SA products on the […]
Andrew Caruth

AmateurInternational ExperienceMMA

In a follow-up to the conversation with Cassandra Le Roux, we spoke to Andrew Caruth about his experiences and some of the challenges faced when representing SA as an amateur MMA athlete.
Brian Diang’a

Content CreationGamingprofessional

Another deeply inspiration conversation with The Beast – Brian Diang’a. Things are changing in the Kenyan gaming community but as always, government are the slowest to understand and acknowledge the life-changing impact that gaming can have!
Cassandra Le Roux

AmateurInternational ExperiencePunchyKicky

Spoke to former participant and IMMAF Bronze medalist – Cass Le Roux – about her experience at the Amateur World Championships, the build-up, the fact there is no SA Team in attendance and so much more….
Cyrus Fees

Combat SportsInternational ExperiencePunchyKicky

We got to knuckle up and throw down with international ring announcer and fight commentator – Cyrus Fees. From his early hustle to his recent announcements about being lead commentator for Eagle FC and event host for BKFC, we leave nothing out – even Spur gets a mention…!
Bradley Swanepoel


Fascinating discussion with young South African MMA prospect – Bradley Swanepoel. Look out for a number of cameo appearances by his dad and long-time combat sports coach – Morne Swanepoel.

Content CreationGaming

Great discussion with another passionate gamer – Sekwele Ramaube. We unpack his introduction to Street Fighter and why he is SA’s most notable Zangief player in Street Fighter 5.

Content CreationGaming

We find out more about the gaming journey of Vince Makhuvha aka. Vinpetrolium. After more than 10yrs in the FGC, we learn a little about what it takes to become a “professional” gamer.

Content CreationGaming

The world of content creation is a wonderful place if you approach it from a similar perspective to that of the Ginger Streamer / The Pro High-Pitched Screamer, or as most refer to him – the RustyPieLover. Find out a little more about his journey into the world of Content Creation.
Ashley Calvert


So great getting to know Professional Fighter – Ashley Calvert. Just over 11yrs as a professional athlete, he has definitely been tested in his commitment and dedication to the sport of MMA. So much sage advice for anyone, no matter where you find yourself – Thank You Ashley! Right now he finds himself in a […]

Content CreationGaming

After an interesting discussion with one of the Illusion Gaming team – MarkTheShark – we took a deeper dive to learn more about this new MGO only to find that the future is not just about gaming. We spoke to CEO and founder, Fabio Viveiros, along with three other members of the Illusion Gaming team […]
Chris Bright


Finally got the privilege to chat to the “reclusive” Chris Bright. Without doubt, the “Coach of the Year” – we find out more about the journey to bringing home 2 EFC Titles and we unpack the prickly issue of weight-cutting.


Enjoyed getting to know and learn more about the Mortal Kombat sensation known as MarktheShark. From his early days playing MK X to becoming the Kahn of Africa and then defending the Title – this guy is the real deal with a bright future ahead of him.
Dayne Van Wyk


3 years is all it took for Dayne Van Wyk to go from starting out in MMA to making her professional debut. We found out more about her MMA journey, her decision to turn professional and her plans for the future. IMAGE: EFC
Stevo Law

Combat SportsEFCMMA

We spoke to professional debutant Stevo Law about is amateur career and the decision to turn pro. We also got some insight into his preparation ahead of his debut at EFC 90. We unpacked the fight and THAT KICK and also got his views on the sticky subject of making weight. IMAGE: EFC
Matunga ‘HHH’ Djikasa


Ahead of his bout at EFC91, our recent discussion with Matunga ‘HHH’ Djikasa delves into his history in combat sport as the only boy in the family. We speak about his debut, and that heavyweight title fight against Thabani Mndebele.
Cole Henning

Fight WeekMMAPunchyKicky

Such a humble discussion with an up-&-coming contender – Cole Henning. Despite being suspended for a number years, this young man has shown a level of tenacity that one does not see everyday. We chat about his return, the impact of COVID and being back in the cage. IMAGE: Courtesy EFC
Anicet Kanyeba


Following on his last-minute withdrawal from the #EFC89 card where he was scheduled to meet former EFC featherweight Champion, Igeu Kabesa, there is still no news as to what the real medical issue is and when we will see Kanyeba back in action.


Following in his recent inclusion in the SA National MMA Team to travel to the IMMAF World MMA Championships next year, we spent some time with 2020 SA Light Heavyweight Champion – Ethienne Reynecke.


I finally get the chance to “meet” one of the new owners of the ARES Fighting Championship – Benjamin Sarfati. We talk about ownership and how that all came about. We discuss MMA in France and look forward to ARES 2, taking place in Paris on Dec 11.


We get the exclusive official announcement of BOXOP going PRO. We find out from one of the organizers- Stephen Castle – how it all came about. We also chat to one of the Headline fighters – Luke Sutherland – ahead of his challenge to win the SA Heavyweight strap from current Champ, Tian Fick. We […]
Chris Thompson


From fighting in the streets and at clubs, being hospitalised after his first day in a boxing gym to bleeding from bite marks… A thoroughly entertaining and insightful discussion with Chris Thompson, an up-&-coming heavyweight boxer with his sights firmly set on collecting all the belts.
Wheelchair Basketball are on a Roll.


Our regular catch-up with WBSA CEO & IWBF Africa President – Charles Saunders. We discuss the process of coming back to play here in South Africa, we talk about some recent history being made in the courts and also about the digital future of Basketball. WBSA
EFC Champ Stripped


We chat to “former” EFC Bantamweight Champ Sylvester Chipfumbu about what seems to be a case of him being stripped of his Bantamweight title.

Combat SportsEFCGym OwnerMMA

We visited the athletes at Brothers in Arms, Pretoria to find out more the rise of this “underground gym”. We spoke to head coach and gym owner, Conrad Seabi, about the gym, it’s athletes and their recent success. We also got to chat to Ziko Magengele ahead of his EFC 90 (now EFC Fight Night […]

Combat SportsGrapplingMuaythaiPunchyKicky

He was once the face of the EFC, especially from a media perspective and has now moved onto other things. We chat to Guy Lazarus to find out more about his Combat Sports journey and what his future plans are.

BoxingGym OwnerTrainer

We chat to the very interesting Harry Ramogoadi Manaka. Finally, we get to spend time in the gym with this former fighter turned boxing trainer.
MuayThai Olympic Recognition


We spend some time with Ajarn (Quentin) Chong and his brother Ajarn (Winston) Chong as we discuss the road to full Olympic recognition for MuayThai. The big question is – when will we actually see MuayThai introduced as an official Olympic sport?


We spoke to Chyrene Strauss about becoming the first female MMA referee on the African continent to officiate a professional MMA bout. We find out more about that HISTORIC night as well as what more is needed for greater transformation in MMA here in South Africa.
BAL and What SA Can Learn


We chat to Charles Saunders about his recent experience at the inaugural Basketball Africa League (BAL) Championships. We find out about what made it such a success and what, if anything, South African sport can learn from other African countries and how they are staging tournaments during a global pandemic.
Francois van Coke


We chat to the “Bellville Bomber” – better known to most as Francois van Coke – following his recent BoxOp bout against Derick Hougaard. We find out more about how it all came about, what the training was like and if we will see him defend his “title”!  

ChampionEFCMMATV Show

We spent some time with the #AndNew EFC Bantamweight Champ – Sylvester Chipfumbu – to find out more about the man behind the gloves and his strap-winning performance at #EFC85

Combat SportsFite Sports UncoveredKendo

We spent time with Warren Ho from Rivonia Kendo Club to find our more about one of the most visually spectacular martial arts……..KENDO!


Ahead of the return to live professional MMA action at #EFC85​, we talk to EFC President, Cairo Howarth, on what it has been like not to host events, what have they been up to while “on leave” and what can fans look forward to at their first event in 420 days.
Veldskoen: Inspiring a Nation

Global BrandOlympics

A truly inspiration discussion with all 3 founders of the Veldskoen Shoes Brand. We talk about how it all started during the previous Olympics, how the business has grown and it’s culture/ethos, and how it will be an inspiration for our Olympians in Tokyo.
Dr Danella Eliasov

Athlete SafetyMMAPolitics

Our discussion with Dr Danella Eliasov reveals some disturbing insight into what seems to have been just a political box-ticking exercise on the part of MMASA – fronting a Medical Commission that they would never listen to!
RucHex EPS 1

Combat SportsMMAOpinion

In the first of a new series of discussions, we chat to Sibusiso Nkosi from Hex Warfare on the topical issue of Diversity & Inclusion within MMA in South Africa. RuckHex
EFC Ownership Programme


EFC President – Cairo Howarth – talks about the build-up to EFC85 and in particular, he unpacks of the newly announced EFC Ownership Programme where fighters and fans can invest and ultimately own a piece of the EFC Organisation.
Quentin Chong

ChampionMartial ArtsMuaythai

The beginning of a very interesting discussion with one of the most divisive individuals in South African Martial Arts. Quentin Chong opens up after more than 5 years of sitting back and watching. We chat about his humble beginnings, his martial arts foundation, he starts naming names and……..we get his thoughts on the future of […]
Versus Promotion


Great discussion with the “brains-trust” of the newest Amateur MMA/Grappling promotion – Versus Promotion – who are scheduled to host their first event on Saturday, 17 April 2021. We find out from Jan van den Berg and Cameron Saaiman all about how the promotion came about, their future plans and what fans and athletes can […]
Harry Ramogoadi-Manaka

BoxingDevelopmentGym Owner

A “brutal” conversation with former professional boxer and now boxing trainer, Harry Ramogoadi-Manaka. We discuss his formative boxing career, some future collaborations with former champions and that video he recently posted aimed at Colin Nathan.
Clint Walters

AmateurCombat SportsDevelopment

We caught up with a true “Action Man” and a guy that is truly focussed on developing young fighters from grass-roots level. Learn more about Clint ‘Blade’ Walters and some of his experiences as he focusses on the next generation of young fighting champions.
JD du Plessis exits MMASA

AmateurCombat SportsInternational Experience

This guy drops some serious bombs! If you ever wanted to witness a real-life “carpet-bombing”, watch how former National MMA Team Coach/Manager, former Gauteng MMA President/Board member and former Gauteng MMA convener of selectors tells us that he has left the MMASA structures and why! This will BLOW. YOUR. MIND!
The Beast from Kenya

Future StarsGamingPro Gamer

Fascinating discussion with Brian ‘The Beast’ Diang’a. From his early survival struggles in Kibera, his early gaming experience to his discovery of Mortal Kombat and being a pro-gamer. “Get over here….!”
The State of the EFC


The EFC is BACK! We spoke to EFC matchmaker, Graeme Cartmell, on the current state of the EFC – from pandemics, to media claims, next events and the upcoming announcement of the new and improved EFC 2.0.

BoxingDevelopmentSocial Development

There is no doubting the impact that Fight with Insight has had on the lives of young boys since its inception as part of the youth justice system. We spent some time with both Jennifer and Joel to find out more about the broader impact FWI is having on inner city kids and their families.
Masterful Brothers

Black BeltPunchyKickyTaekwondo-do

A fascinating discussion with Jaren and Brannon Phillips – the first 7th degree Masters in the history of ITF Taekwon-Do in Southern Africa. With only Grandmaster becoming, we find out what is next for these “Brothers in the Art and the Way” after achieving one of the highest possible accolades in the sport.
eGaming History Made!

eSportsGamingInternational Experience

Julio “Beast” Bianchi and Kaylan “Kaylan” Moodley recently made history by becoming the first South African gamers to secure a spot to a major FIFA event. We caught up with half of the dynamic duo to ask Julio more about the preparation involved and also what this means to the local eGaming community. We also […]


We look to uncover if EMS Training is the future of physical training. We talk to the team at Body20 and ask if this electrifying experience is really all that it is amped up to be – then we put them to the test!!!
Rolling into 2021 with WBSA


Following on a devastating 2020 for global sport, we speak to Charles Saunders, CEO of Wheelchair Basketball SA. We find more about the impact of the global pandemic on Wheelchair Basketball, tackle a controversial subject and look ahead to 2021.

MuaythaiTV ShowWorld Championships

Following on a very successfully participation in the IFMA World Virtual Championships 2020 by Team SA. We chatted to the 3 x medal winners along with the Vice President of the IFMA Athletes Commission, Len Swart, as well as SAMF President, Brett Clarke.

BoxingChampionsTV Show

Ahead of the much-anticipated Legends Fight between Roy Jones Jr and Mike Tyson, we chatted to Roy Jones Jr’s partner – Jodi Solomon. This exclusive chat focusses on her thoughts ahead of the big fight.

GamingInternational Experience

We spent some time with some of the Founders/Team Managers of Goliath Gaming to find out more about what it takes to start and build a successful Multi-Gaming Organisation (MGO).

BoxingChampionTV Show

We stop by Roy Jones Jr & Jodi Solomon Boxing in Johannesburg. We chat to multiple African Light Heavyweight Champion, Isaac Chilemba, and find more about him and why not many know that much about this African Boxing Super-Star.

BoxingCombat SportsCOVID-19DevelopmentPunchyKicky

White Collar Boxing is BACK! WBE28 was a great night out with 6 bouts and 1 exhibition bout from 2 former professional boxers. We chatted to the Event Organiser as well as a couple of the fighters…

BoxingChampionPunchyKickyTV Show

We stop by Durandt’s Boxing Gym and chat to the new WBA and IBO Africa Super Welterweight Champion – Brandon Thysse.
US Open Wrap-Up


The long-awaited US Open Wrap-Up with Bruce Davidson. The always-fascinating insights into the World of Tennis like only Bruce Davidson can tell them.
Jennifer Sawyer

SA NationalsSquash

We learn more about the state of Squash in SA from Acting President – Jennifer Sawyer. We also find out more about their “return-to-court” and the upcoming Growthpoint SA Nationals set to take place at Brooklyn Mall from 15-17 October.

Brand BuildingSportsTech

We chat to co-founder of – Mike Sharman. We unpack the motivation behind this digital brand development for athletes in their drive to commercialise their professional sporting careers.

AdministrationBoxingTV Show

With the changing of the guard at Boxing South Africa, we have a chat to the first female CEO of BSA. We find out more about her plans and the dual role that Cindy Nkomo has to fulfil as part of her new role as Interim CEO.
Rob Maysey


Following on the recent interviews with Mark Hunt and Gray Maynard, we chat to the MMA Fighters Association’s Rob Maysey about his passion for doing right by professional fighters, the formation of the MMAFA and his fight against the UFC via the Anti-Trust case and the Ali Act Extension. You can support the MMAFA – […]

GamingTV Show

We talk Gaming Firstly, with AOC Country Manager – Chris Barnes. We find out more about the gaming monitor brand that is now ranked No. 1 in the world. Secondly, with Gamer & Gaming Reviewer – Candice King. We talk about women in games and gaming.

BoxingChampionCombat Sports

This week we chat to a former WBF World Women’s bantamweight champion – Bukiwe Nonina. We find out more about her journey in the sport of Boxing and some of the challenges that she has faced to get to the top of the sport.

COVID-19Gym OwnerKickboxingTV Show

We talk the impact of the COVID National Lockdown on Kickboxing as well as return-to-training with Gym Owner and Fight Promotion Owner – Morne Lotter. We also delve into the importance of being an Inner Warrior.

AmateurCombat SportsPunchyKicky

In the the second of our 2-part interview with MASA General Secretary, Gregory Hart, we find out about the “Return-to-Training” protocols being put in place by MASA and what it all means to athletes and gyms here in SA..

AmateurCombat SportsPunchyKicky

In the the first of our 2-part interview with MASA General Secretary, Gregory Hart, we talk about the art of Tang Soo Do and then we get to know a little more about the formation of Martial Arts South Africa (MASA) and their role in SA Combat Sports.

BoxingCOVID-19TV Show

We talk Boxing with Gym Owner, Trainer and Head of MTK Africa – Colin Nathan. We also find out why he is not so keen to rush into opening his gym as most other Fite Sports return-to-training.

AmateurDevelopmentTV Show

We chat to the Executive Director of the Sport Boardroom – Sgwili Gumede. We get his thoughts on under-funding in sport and some advice for amateur sports and sports events.

BJJCombat SportsTV Show

We chat to Mandla Majola about his journey with BJJ, his time at Phuket Top Team and what he is up to now. One the calmest, most laid-back guys I have ever interviewed. FUS

DevelopmentGamingTV Show

We chat to Deputy Editor at the Nexus Hub – Keegan Govender – about his journey so far in the world of eGaming. We also get some insight into the obstacles young entrants face in the very “cliqued” SA industry.


The President of GAMMA – Alexander Engelhardt – introduces us to this global MMA Federation.
Bruce Davidson


It is always a fascinating discussion with Bruce Davidson, the owner of the BLD Group, and this time he has not disappointed. He gives us some interesting updates on the world of Tennis, Netball and Athletics as they all commence with “return-to-play” following a globally sporting hiatus.
Eugeniu Procopi


Great discussion with a young, up-&-coming European Rugby Referee – Eugeniu Procopi. We find out about his refereeing career and talk a bit about the proposed new Rugby rule recommendations.

Combat SportsCOVID-19Sports BettingTV Show

We chat to Betway SA Marketing Manager, David Rachidi, on the impact of COVID-19 on the sports betting industry. We also look to get some insight into the growth and impact of eGaming.
Elton Davids


We discovered more about the challenges facing sportsmen and women as well as the wonderful sporting ecosystem that exists in the city of Cape Town courtesy of Elton Davids, the Director of All My Sports SA, Chairperson of the CT Sports Council and Board Member at CT TV.
Gray Maynard

Combat SportsUFC

We chat to decorated collegiate wrestler and former UFC lightweight contender – Gray “The Bully” Maynard – about his career and in particular the power imbalance that exists between the UFC and the fighters.

Combat SportsCOVID-19JudoTV Show

This week we talk about the “gentle” sport of Judo with Judo SA High Performance Director – Dirk Crafford. We get some insight into the impact of COVID-19 on the Olympics and the plan for Judo qualification.
SA Taekwon-do COVID-19 Update


The President of ITFSA, Jaren Phillips, gives an update on the initiatives that have and are taking place across the world for this amazing martial arts discipline – Taekwon-do.
Jabhi Mabuza


We find out more about the “rise-&-rise” of Jabhi Mabuza as he climbed the ranks to become one of South Africa’s top SFV gamers.

BoxingCOVID-19TV Show

This week we talk to the President of Boxing South Africa – Tsholofelo Lejaka We find what has been happening with Boxing during COVID times and more about the future of Boxing here in SA.
Clive Maistry

COVID-19Media Personality

Great chat with Media Personality, Clive Maistry, talking about his lockdown-induced multiple personalities, having a birthday during lockdown and so much more…..
Deejay Kriel


A long overdue catch-up with one of my favourite fighters and all-round nice-guy – Deejay Kriel. The move to Vegas, his IBF minimumweight Title and his upcoming IBF junior flyweight Title Fight – all part of the conversation.
The Legend of Skriepas


We find out how a guy who was born in a cave became one of the top PUBG gamers on the African server…
Rowan Campbell


If you think that the life of a professional boxer is what Floyd Mayweather makes it out to be, think twice…. Listen to our conversation with the undefeated SA and IBO All-Africa Super Middleweight Champion, Rowan Campbell, as he talks about about life during lockdown.
Saul Mujokeri


We catchup with Amateur MMA athlete Saul Mujokeri and find out what got him into the sport, what he has been doing during the Lockdown and what plans he has for his fight career.

AmateurCOVID-19Gym OwnerMMA

To discuss the State-of-MMA in South Africa with Gym Owner, SA National MMA Team Manager, JD du Plessis, from the comfort of his garage.
Mark Hunt


Following on our article on the UFC regarding some of the challenges that the organisation are facing, we chatted to former UFC Heavyweight Title contender Mark Hunt about this and so much more……
Shane Carr


We caught up with Head Coach at Valhalla MMA, Shane ‘The Dane’ Carr, to understand the impact of lockdown on his gyms and their members. We also got his thoughts on the return of the UFC and his advice for young combat sports athletes….
Dricus du Plessis


Caught up with EFC Champ Dricus du Plessis to find out how he is dealing with Lockdown as well get his side of the news that KSW are playing hard-ball regarding his contract.
SA Muaythai COVID-19 Update


Chatting to Kru Brett Clarke, President of the SA Muaythai Federation, on the impact of COVID-19 on the athletes and gyms.
Netball SA COVID-19 Update


Great discussion with Cecilia Molokwane, President of Netball South Africa, still smiling after 6 weeks of lockdown. The SA Sporting scene is under HUGE pressure and that pressure is already impacting the plans for 2021.

Combat SportsPunchyKickyShow

#PunchyKicky picks ahead of UFC249

BoxingGym Owner

We discuss the potential impacts of the National Lockdown on combat sports with Boxing Gym Owner, Stephen Castle.


We chat to EFC Matchmaker, Graeme Cartmell, ahead of a super-packed weekend of PunchyKicky action, including EFC84.


Joined in studio by Thuma Mwandla to talk new scoring at Invicta as well as UFC 248.

Fite Sports UncoveredTV Show

Our In-Studio discussion with former World Champion Dingaan Thobela.

Fite Sports UncoveredTV Show

We visit UMF Gym and chat to the former EFC Champ, Demarte Pena ahead of RFC 1, a brand new amateur MMA promotion where he is the matchmaker.

Fite Sports UncoveredGamingTV Show

Our In-Studio conversation with the creators of Boet Fighter – our first show into the amazing world Fight Games.
FSU: Eps 4

Fite Sports UncoveredTV Show

We stop past Fight Sports Centre and chat to Brendon Katz about the State of MMA in South Africa.
FSU: Eps 3

Fite Sports UncoveredPunchyKickyTV Show

In Studio discussion with MMA fighter Rodrique Kena. We find more about the man behind the fighter and look ahead to his fight against Cole Henning at EFC 84.
FSU: Eps 2

Fite Sports UncoveredTV Show

We have a garden chat with EFC Referee and Grappling Coach – Wiekus Swart.
FSU: Eps 1

Fite Sports UncoveredTV Show

Our first show of the “new-look” show has Stephen Castle and Igeu Kabesa giving us their views on the year that was in 2019 as well as look forward to some upcoming events in 2020.
PKS Round-Up 4


All of this weekend’s top MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing action.
GFC 87: Success in Spite of….


Despite a great night of local #MMA action, it’s always the sanctioning body that has to mess sh!t up….
PKS Round-Up 3


We look ahead at a MASSIVE night for the Boxing’s World Bantamweight Division, Bellator 233, KSI v Logan Paul, KSW 51 and UFC Moscow.
PKS Round-Up 2


We look ahead to UFC 244 as well as Alvarez v Kovalev in this weekend’s #PunchyKicky round-up.
PKS Round-Up 1


The Top #PunchyKicky action this weekend – 25-26 Oct
Rich Quan

ChampionsCombat SportsMMAPunchyKicky

Rich Quan gives a candid account of the combat sports scene in South Africa/Africa as well as his thoughts ahead of a very busy few months of International Fights.
The Punchy Kicky Show: Eps 2


Our Wrap-Up of the weekend’s top Combat Sports Action and we chat to: SFL Match-Maker Morne Lotter SFL Champions Justin Clarke and Keagan Rowe
CWC 2019 Build-Up

CricketWorld Cup 2019

Our Build-Up to the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2019 – Courtesy of New Balance
Mallo on what Matters in Football


Another great football discussion with Football Analyst Mallo Ramoshaba.
SA National Hockey Coach

HockeyNational CoachSchools

We catch-up with SA National Ladies Hockey Coach – Rob van Ginkel – and find out more about the upcoming challenges, his philosophy and some of the new technology being used to take SA Hockey to the next level.
Conrad Seabi

Combat SportsMMAPunchyKicky

Great chat with the Mamelodi Warrior – Conrad Seabi – as we find out what truly happened at EFC 78.
Saints Fest Build-Up

FestivalFuture StarsSchool Sports

We find out more about Saints Fest 2019 and what Supporters can look forward to experiencing at one of the Biggest School Sports Festivals in the World.
Football and SOCCA

DevelopmentFootballInternational Experience

We catch-up with Mallo Ramoshaba on the latest football news and then we chat to the SOCCA lads on their upcoming Trials initiative that will see 2 young football players going across to train with top Italian teams.
Matthew Burger


We chat to a future Enduro Super Star – 17yr old Matthew Burger – about his love of riding Enduro and what the future holds for him post-matric.
Danie van Heerden

ChampionCombat SportsKickboxingMMAPunchyKicky

Former EFC Heavyweight Champ, Danie van Heerden, talks about life since the EFC, some deeply personal events and his imminent return to Combat Sports at the upcoming SFL5.
Deejay Kriel

BoxingChampionCombat SportsPunchyKicky

Got the chance to chat to the littlest World Champ. Got his thoughts on EFC77 as well as the weekend’s local boxing results. We also spoke in detail about his World Title Fight and got a sneak peak into his future plans.
Demarte Pena: Victim or Cheater?

ChampionsCombat SportsMMAPEDs

Former EFC Bantamweight Champ, Demarte Pena, gives his side of the story following his 4yr doping ban.
Jungle Rush FMX


Great chat with 2 members of the Jungle Rush FMX team – Dallan Goldman and Mike Oyston. We find out more about what it takes to pull off some of the FANTASTIC stunts that take place in Freestyle MotoX.
Tristan van Moerkerken

Sports Nutrition

Great discussion with PrimeSelf founder and CEO, Tristan van Moerkerken, about the next level of self optimisation through supplementation for the brain. FASCINATING!!!!!
Rowan Campbell

BoxingChampionCombat SportsPunchyKicky

We chat to SA Super Middleweight Boxing Champion, Rowan Campbell, ahead of his fight for the vacant IBO All Africa Super Middleweight Strap.
Brian Mitchell

BoxingChampionCombat Sports

Multiple World Boxing Champion – Brian Mitchell – talks to us about the “Sweet Science” and we find out more about his upcoming show, the Eye of the Tiger.
Joe Cummins

Combat SportsEFCFight WeekMMAPunchyKicky

We chat to EFC Lightweight Title contender – Joe Cummins – and get his thoughts on dropping a weight division and on this being his FIRST fight as a FULL-TIME professional fighter.
X10 Wolmarans

AmateurChampionCombat SportsMMAPunchyKicky

We chat to current EWC Bantamweight Champion Christine Wolmarans ahead of her upcoming title defence at EWC11 and she chats about her experiences on other issues such as training and weight-cutting.
EFC PI Launch

Combat SportsEFCMMAPunchyKicky

EFC President Cairo Howarth talks to us about the NEW EFC Performance Centre.


The 2nd Event for the Supreme Fight League Kickboxing Promotion held at Rivonia Barnyard, Gauteng – March 2018
Manny BJJ


Great insight into how BJJ has made a difference in the life of Manny BJJ.
EFC 62 Aftermath


We get EFC President, Cairo Howarth’s thoughts following a MASSIVE night at EFC 62.


We chat to EWC President, Patrick Luindlula as well as professional MMA Athlete Bokang “Little Giant” Masunyane.


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