3 Things We Learned at GFC 88

Written by on October 7, 2019


It just does not seem to get an easier for the team at Gauteng Fighting Championship (GFC)! Their original 12-fight card was reduced to 5-fights as a result of gyms, in particular the XKT Gyms, advising GFC that they are no longer allowed to compete anywhere else other than their own MMA events. Thankfully due to the efforts of the GFC crew along with the chaps form RFN, a resurrected 9-fight card was put together. It is great to see that in times of crisis even competitors band together to ensure that the show goes on.

Here is a snap quiz for you all: Who owns the XKT Gyms? Asking for a friend……


Athletes and their coaches are still very much in the dark as to building a solid game-plan for their future professional fighting careers.

As GFC 88 showcased, many athletes pulled out on the day of the event, some citing illness despite passing medicals earlier in the day while others simply withdrew stating that they are not allowed to compete anywhere else other than specific events.

This is the fight game and we all understand its delicate nature, however, the unprofessional nature of pulling out on the day of an event or even a few hours before your bout is scheduled to take place without substantiated medical documentation is disgraceful and I am happy to report that at least one (1) of these athletes has been handed a one (1) year suspension as a result of these actions.


When athletes pull-out at the last minute, it is incumbent in MMASA to either enforce participation or to dole out some form of sanction. The reality is that with so few gyms affiliated (by affiliated we mean, having paid your annual fees) with MMASA, when athletes do pull out as was the case at GFC 88, MMASA simply throw their hands up in the air and say there is nothing they can do!

The powers that me at this clearly defunct governing body are become a disgrace to this sport! So many athletes fight on a regular basis without any affiliation to MMASA and yet despite this, their fights are sanctioned. Gyms that have never paid a single cent in affiliation fees are seen promoting their fighters on a weekly basis at amateur events here in Gauteng, and then these muppets cry about why IMMAF wont be recognised as an Olympic sport!

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